Fiscal representation in Denmark

If your company needs fiscal representation in Denmark, your business is in good hands at Danish VAT Reg. Danish VAT Reg. is an experienced representative and we can handle all VAT obligations on behalf of EU and non-EU companies.

Whether you need to have a fiscal representative or not depends on the location of your company.

Companies from the EU (and Norway, Greenland, Faroe Islands, and Iceland)

Companies established in the EU as well as Norway, Greenland, Faroe Islands, and Iceland can register directly with the relevant local VAT authorities. They are not obliged to appoint a local fiscal representative but the non-resident company can choose to entrust the time-consuming and sometimes complicated task to a local representative. We will establish an address for the relevant company in our location, receive all the paperwork, which is in Danish, and we will handle all the contact with the local authorities. Note that the price for this service is lower for companies within the EU since we will not be made jointly-liable.

Companies from outside the EU must have fiscal representation

Companies established outside the EU are required to appoint a fiscal representative in Denmark. And because the representative is jointly liable for the non-resident company, the client might be asked to set up a bank guarantee or security deposit in favor of the representative.

By appointing us as your Danish agent or fiscal representative we ensure that:

  • you will be correctly registered in Denmark
  • the VAT filings and tasks such as Intrastat, EU sales lists, excise duties are correctly prepared and submitted
  • you will be fully compliant with the local procedures and rules
  • you will be provided with professional advice and personal service and benefit from our many years of experience in the VAT field

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