VAT Compliance

Compliance is a key term for all companies regarding VAT obligations.

It is essential for a foreign company to determine whether it should be VAT registered in the countries in which they operate. Penalties for non-compliance can be serious and the authorities are paying great attention to this area because of the growing problems with fraud.

To ensure the decisions you make regarding VAT registrations or representation are correct, you may need practical support.

Our team of experienced VAT consultants offers a wide range of VAT consultancy services and can provide you with practical VAT advice on most issues including:

  • Assessment of your need for a VAT registration in Denmark
  • Determination of the requirement for a Danish fiscal representative
  • VAT treatment of your transactions
  • How to issue a correct VAT invoice
  • Minimization of VAT risks
  • Maximization of your VAT recovery
  • VAT concepts such as reverse charge mechanism

Contact us with your specific issue or question.