VAT Registration and Fiscal Representation

Danish VAT Reg. helps foreign companies with danish VAT registrations and fiscal representation in Denmark. If a foreign company supplies goods or services in Denmark, it may be required to VAT register as a foreign company. We at Danish VAT Reg. can help you with all aspects of the VAT registration process.

The VAT consultancy company Danish VAT Reg. ApS is a company offering a wide range of services in the VAT field. We have been providing customers with VAT solutions since 1988, and so we have developed significant expertise on VAT rules and have attained a global network of partners which makes us operational in most parts of the world.

We place great emphasis on:

  • The best service
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  • Competitive prices

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Brexit and the need for fiscal representation

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If a foreign business supplies goods or services in Denmark, it may be required to VAT register.

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Once registered for VAT in Denmark periodic VAT declarations and other statutory obligations must be filed.

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Need assistance with finding your way through the Danish VAT legislation and assessing the need of VAT registration?

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